Oct 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow, people stroll

Marina Times - Enter Stage Left: A New Coast
By Evalyn Baron

One thing I disliked about New York City was its frantic pace. As the most densely populated city in the United States – not counting the busses, subways, cars, animals, rats, and egos that come with those crowds – NYC has over 8 million humans hitting the ground running day and night. True, some of them hit the ground and just lay there, but that doesn’t stop other New Yorkers from pole vaulting over them and racing on. I’ve seen it happen. Sadly, I’ve done it myself. Read More...

The Magic touch

Marina Times - Program Notes
By Evalyn Baron

From the moment the first Barbary Coast saloon gal opened her mouth to sing to the rowdy swagmen and buccaneers in the mid-19th century, San Francisco’s performing arts have been provocative, stimulating and vibrant. Artistic ground has always been broken here, and all areas of live performance have benefitted from the innovations San Francisco has introduced throughout its rich history. Read More...