Nov 2011

Going Bats And Not Minding At All

Marina Times: Program Notes
By Evalyn Baron

Is life a cabaret for you, old chum? Do you have a three-piece band in the corner of the living room that bursts into song whenever the going gets tough? I bet that your life, like everyone’s, is more akin to improvisational theater with you on stage, waiting for circumstances to influence how your story will go. Sometimes there’s laughter, sometimes the opposite, but no matter because somehow we celebrate it all.

My Blue Angel Blues

Marina Times - Enter Stage Left: A New Coast
By Evalyn Baron

Could it be true? Have I found something about this glorious city that makes me wish I did not live here? Could be. Last month, there were four days when all I could think about was getting away from this neighborhood I’ve come to love. Last month was my first San Francisco Fleet Week. Read More...